Launching of The First Surgery QI Curriculum

The first Department of Surgery quality improvement curriculum was launched on Oct. 20, 2015 as an initiative of the Quality and Best Practices Committee and is led by Dr. Najib Safieddine. The curriculum is a small group seminar based curriculum that is delivered in a total of three seminars for the 2015-2016 academic year for all PGY-1 residents culminating in a fourth session dedicated to the presentation of the groups’ QI projects. In the first year (2015-16) all eight divisions of the department are participating. The objectives of the curriculum are multiple but can be summarized in the following: Introduce the concept of quality improvement, introduce QI tools and empower trainees to utilize them in a practical and applicable manner, foster group work and collaboration, encourage trainee engagement in clinical processes and last but not least foster the notion of QI as an integral part of surgical practice and surgeons as leaders in QI whether in the community or the academic setting.

The course will soon be commencing its second year and will now also include three additional surgical divisions not typically under the umbrella of the department of surgery. Much has been learned from this inaugural first year but the course was by all measures a success. Aside from having incorporated more trainees this year, the department plans to be completely independently running the course by academic year 2017-18 with the current year being a transitional one.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to all those who have made this initiative possible particularly the surgeon mentors, Dr. Brian Wong (Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety), program directors, Dr. Levine (Director, Post Graduate Surgical Education), Dr. Robin McLeod, Dr. Rutka and administrative assistants Robert Gardin and Christian Base. 

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